Happy Weekend fellow bloggers and wonderful readers! Another exhausting and work or school filled week has come to an end - so that means you HAVE to enjoy your weekend and don't think about anything else but fun and exciting things! This past weekend my brother and I took my father out to do a little shopping and delicious dining out, since he loves Japanese food. I haven't had a lot of time to spend with my Dad because of work work work for both of us - so it was a wonderful treat. I think every weekend I want to try my best to plan a little something because family is so important. I feel so devastated I won't be able to attend the Military retirees luncheon that he's going to to tomorrow, but my brother is going and my fathers friends will be there, too.


My delicious vegetarian California rolls. My Brother and Dad got soup and meat dishes.

I have become knit hat obsessed and I'm not ashamed! I found a cute stand selling handmade everything - even the head band was handmade and has gorgeous gold chain links. I need to go back to purchase a few more hats like the one I got.

Isn't the color amazing? It's called Cloud and it's from a Korean makeup line called Aritaum. On their website (here) you can see all the adorable nail colors and even how to paint your nails with sets and glitters. I know nails can be so pointless, but I've been a nail biter (so gross! I know) since I could remember, what you see now is my nail biting habit kicked for good!