(Vegetable Tarkari + Naan)

Some of us are good finding the best treasures at vintage shops, or discovering new music Artists. I prize myself at discovering new restaurants and exciting places to eat. My latest discovery was a Nepali restaurant very close by called Yak & Everest. I've been desperately searching for an Indian restaurant, but the only one in the city closed down - and the next closest city. Yak & Everest had a very homey feel with beautiful trinkets from Nepal, the family staff was so welcoming, and the food was absolutely delicious. I ordered a Vegetarian Tarkari (curry), and my brother ordered Curry Lamb with a plate of Naan - we got this appetizer dish which I forgot the name of, but I'll get it next time again. I can't wait to go back.

I've spent the majority of Lunar New Years watching movies, cooking, and cleaning up my cosmetics collection. I'm so tired of the clutter and confusion and I've been thinking of new ways to store everything. I like the idea of the acrylic drawers I've been seeing, but also little baskets - right now I'm using these simple dark wooden boxes. How do you store your cosmetics?