What is more refreshing than something natural and untouched, a beautiful lagoon never seen by human eyes, or lesser known but exotic places while traveling. I hope everyone knows the benefits of going more organic and natural for food and products. Ever since I adopted a Vegetarian diet in 2011 I cringe at the thought of something non-organic or GMO. I really can't wait for the day I move into my own place in San Francisco so I can enjoy walking everyday in the perfect weather, go to Farmers Market for all my groceries and cook in a huge, bright, colorful, and spacey kitchen of my dreams with cook books all around me. It will be the heart of my house. I remember my Aunt brought me back a small bottle of coconut oil years ago from Thailand and I was completely obsessed with it from then on. It's considered some type of miracle oil, even Miranda Kerr swears by it, and I do, too. I recently ordered two jars of virgin coconut oil from Barlean's and can't wait to use it for food and beauty. There are so many benefits of coconut oil for the health out there, to increasing metabolism, heart health, blood and sugar pressure, and it has great antioxidants. For beauty, you should give yourself a hot coconut oil hair treatment, it will leave your locks shiny and smelling delicious. It's said to help clear acne, but I use it all over my skin and it keeps it soft and helps even out my skin tone. Who wouldn't enjoy smelling like they just got back from Fiji?

Does any else use coconut oil or have any natural type of beauty tips to share.