A warm day filled with driving around the city, visiting the lake, and eye shopping at the new outlet. I still feel the lull of winter hovering above us when it turns to evening and the cold sets in. Today I stepped into a world away from here when I visited the open air market nearby. I usually avoid some markets like the plague here, except for the local one by my house - the smell of fish, meat getting chopped, and the throng of people pushing usually keeps me away. I do enjoy most Asian markets and I can't get enough of the little old wobbly Asian woman who haggle you with prices. I'm not sure what tempted me to drag myself and my brother into the wild today, but we went. It turned out to be a wonderful time - yes there was the stench of fish and constant shoving, but there was also endless amounts of mouth watering foods, stores filled with hats, dishes I've never seen, and a purse shop with purses as cheap as $5. Can't forget all the savory rice cakes in all different colors, designs and flavors - my favorite is coconut flake coated sweet rice cake.
When I say it was like stepping a into world away, it really was. The area is a beautiful mix tape of different countries living in one area. I have rarely ventured through this part of town, and I found so many stores and restaurants I never knew existed - there was Indian, Indonesian, and Vietnamese. We couldn't decided between the three and eventually settled for Vietnamese and plan on going to the Indonesian and Indian restaurant a later time. From the menu I picked Pho and my brother picked Pho Bo.