62462_4614408123565_1871511492_n 72492_4614409723605_1363588308_n 382337_4614408003562_617866097_n 555014_4614407883559_1334090713_n625459_4614409963611_1293290595_n  My inspirations lately have been of food, the ingredients, and the art of cooking. I tried my hand in the kitchen tonight with some Indian cuisine - Aloo Mattar and Samosas - and they came out deliciously right. The whole kitchen smelled of cumin seeds, cilantro, and exotic spices. I've always had this idea that I would grow up and my job would be eating. I would be a famous food taster, and all day I would visit different restaurants, go to different countries and try out the cuisine -  maybe even with my own show. Well, wishful thinking. But while in my travels now, I never hesitate to go to the popular restaurants and eat the best dishes they have to offer.

I plan on trying out a couple more Indian dishes, and I wonder what next? Maybe German, Greek, or some Thai? I've always been fond of Vietnam cuisine, maybe I'll try that. Do you enjoy spending some time in the kitchen exploring foods from other countries?

Have a great weekend!