What is the best way to get rid of mid-week blues and lift your spirits while the first rain of the spring starts? I think a good day filled with food, the cinema, and shopping is the best cure. My friend, brother, and I went to go watch Oz the Great and Powerful - such a colorful and cute film, we all laughed and were thrilled. We enjoyed a nice meal at Omuto Tomato, which serve the most appetizing omurices ever. After some eye-shopping I went to my favorite bakery and bought a box of colorful macarons and a strawberry shortcake.
I mentioned before how I have a thing for window displays at clothing stores, and food is definitely not an exception for that love. I think I went to almost every restaurant and stood outside admiring the real life-ness of everything and snapped as many photos as I could. I think one day I'm going to go on a little sight-seeing adventure of displays and enjoy the day taking photos - so happy it's getting warm!