What if every season brings something new? Like the flowers that blooms each Spring, I'm going to start looking more on the positive side of life. As I looked out the window I noticed that these flowers have already bloomed in our backyard. I don't know the name, but their beautiful, huge, soft, light scented, and sadly short lived. Their heavy petals give way in the first heavy rain and don't grow back til the next spring. I think this way I've learn to appreciate them more. They are the sign of the new season because they bloom before anything else.
I've been mentally planning some Spring events to attend; the famous and loved Cherry Blossom Festivals that take place throughout the country, food festivals, and cultural events. Sadly, my family plans on moving to America in January, so I only have a handful of months to enjoy my lovely home here in Korea. It's not like I won't come back, but who knows when. It's so hard to move away (again) from the place you were born and raised. Believe it or not, even though I've lived here most of my life, there are still about a million places I want to visit. I've seen all the big cities and know places, so now it's time to venture out. I think a bucket list will start to come in handy.
Spent the day downtown taking photos, eating at the Indian Restaurant Moti Mahal and shopping. Moti Mahal was a strange restaurant with no Indian staff or feel to it. It was definitely one of those places where the locals come to feel fancy and say they ate at some place exotic. The food was delicious; curry with the most over-sized naan I have ever seen. I still prefer the Nepali Restaurant for their authenticity.
P.S. Thank you to Amy Jayne for the lovely blog mention. She has a great blog to visit.