With the beauty of the blooming nature I can't help but snap photos of everything I see; trees, flowers, and even the bees and butterflies. I don't see it as cliche or boring, because everywhere there are all sorts of different nature life I've never seen before. I love photos of Poppies because I can't find them here, and I enjoy looking at photos of flowers people take while browsing at the market. I've been enjoying everyone's photos and poses you lovely readers and Bloggers take at gardens, in the forest, or along a riverbank.
I'm so ecstatic these days, and it seems as if nothing can dampen my mood. Bryan (my brother) and his friends art gallery is approaching on May 10-11th - and I get to spend that weekend in the wonderful city of Seoul / 서울 and Baebang / 배방. I've been slowly getting ready; planning and buying new outfits, deciding what to do, and I even bought a new camera battery because you never know.
Puffin's Restaurant is the most 'classy' and 'upscale' place to be in my humble and growing community. It offers a mix of American and Italian style food, a wide range of wine, and cafe selections. I've been here a few times before and I've enjoyed it every time I went. I took Bryan there (it was his first time), and he enjoyed a dish of seafood noodles, and I ordered a plate of Bruschetta and broccoli soup. I can eat bruschetta everyday, it's so easy to make and delicious, perfect to eat during lunch or dinner, with a nice bowl of soup. I plan on making some this week. I've made it before but the bread turns out too hard, does anyone have any tips of this yummy appetizer?
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend; What did you do?