It's been a beautiful, adventurous and delicious weekend. Earlier this week I went on a little trip downtown to look at all the new Spring styles and some new pieces to buy. The styles were different in almost all the stores, and I have to say, this Spring is the best yet!
Sometimes, I just need to get out of the house. A self-prescribed medication. Being cooped up surrounded by my text books, and re-runs of Buffy of Vampire Slayer doesn't equal a happy being. Another page of Management Information Systems and I just may have lost it.
Today was even more exuberant. I've tried to find if there was a Zara or H&M nearby, and luckily there is an H&M in a few cities next door at Cheonan in the Shinsegae shopping department. Shinsegae is our Barney's or Saks Fifth Avenue. All the beautiful stores and products; Bobbi Brown, Mac Cosmetics, Coach, Bally, and everything in between. We went to a delicious Vietnamese and Thai restaurant. I really enjoyed being in Cheonan. It has such a different vibe and feel compared to my city of Pyeongtaek - even the stores boosted different styles (a bit more promiscuous and girly). The crowd also differed greatly, as Pyeongtaek-ians are more straight cut and clean, Cheonan had a mix of diverse people with unique hair colors and styles and tattoos, Artists, and musicians.
Artbox is a popular stationery store that originated in Korea and sells everything you can think of; candy, beauty products, jewelry, bags, stationary, dolls, adorable notebooks, and even house hold items like cereal dispensers, electric fans in shape of flowers, and weird waffle makers. It's such a cute and unique store, and every time I go I spaz out because I'm so overwhelmed by everything.