I can't express how much I love the rain, even if it is a inconvenience when you want to go somewhere. Just being able to lay down with a cook and a cup of tea and listen to the pitter-patter of rain drops, and spending your day in drowsy splendor is a real treat.

It finally decided to stop raining after a three day streak and the sun was able to make its appearance. I seized this opportunity to step out into the day and enjoy it with Bryan (my brother). I came to the realization that with both of us taking classes (starting soon) our summer days are cut short so these few free of all responsibilities and deadline days left should not be wasted.

Can one ever grow tired of eating at restaurants or walks through the city on a beautiful Friday? I think it was a rather splendid Friday afternoon spent eating at two different Japanese restaurants, watching After Earth, and doing a little retail therapy.

We both ordered Soba noodles at this Japanese restaurant we decided to venture into for the first time. It was so scrumptious and every time we finished our side dishes the waiter would quickly bring a new one to replace it. The furniture designs was very alluring and the wood theme was unique. Quality and service is superb and I plan on going back again to try more menu options.

Our original plans were to stop by the Indonesian restaurant, watch the movie, and go to a Japanese restaurant but as we went to the Indonesian restaurant the dish we wanted was not able to be served. Just our luck! But the turn of events led us here.

Books Libro

A day would not have been completed without stopping by the book store.


Happy Teriyaki


  Now time for California rolls and Shrimp Teriyaki for Bryan. Happy Teriyaki is a string of Japanese restaurants in Korea, mostly seems to be located in shopping plazas. If you're ever in Korea and craving Japanese food, this is your place to go.  


Oh, I could not resist not browsing through Artbox. I can spend all day looking through the stationary, jewelry, and other odds and ends. I had an idea while I was there and looking at the notebooks and planners. I've never been one to carry one around, but I love the idea of it. I know many people who do this and I can't believe I haven't tried it out. I think it's perfect to carry a mini-notebook in your purse to have to jot down ideas or draw pictures or write a little memo throughout the day.


Have A Wonderful Weekend!