I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day weekend if it's celebrated where you are. Any day is a day to celebrate our family members. Any weekend filled with family, food, and movies is a the definition of a perfect weekend. My Father was so happy when he opened his new Samsonite business carrier that my Mother and I picked out - his poor Samsonite that he got 10 years ago has seen better days and looks like it belongs in a museum. We went to go to the Chinese Restaurant located down the street and ate our bellies full. I feel like going back again just to try the vegetable stir fry and get the side dishes. I really admire this restaurant because usually Chinese food is cooked so oily and makes me feel sick afterwards, but they cook it perfectly and it's all so healthy.

Bryan and I went to go watch Man of Steel on Saturday, which I really think you guys should go see because it was incredible!

Buddhist Temple

Some photos from the local Buddhist Temple. How nice it is to get away from work and studies and take in the scenery and take some photos. Not much has changed the past few years at this neighborhood mini temple and that brings a type of comfort. I never grow old of looking at the miniature Buddha figurines.