These summer strolls are so very comforting and relaxing. Feeling the sun on your skin and the nice breeze blowing through your hair makes you appreciate all that life has to offer. In my community you'll see a clash of old and the new; new roads, apartments, houses, and the beautiful buildings built many years ago with rice paddies surrounding us from everywhere. The differences you see all around remind us that you should never forget the past, but at the same time embrace the future. I think it's quite a nice image and feeling to see elder Koreans on bikes and farm machines riding along next to the younger generation in their new, sleek cars.

There's so much sincerity and love in how some of people refuse to move with the times and cherish the house that has possibly been in their family for generations or the land they own to grow their fruits and vegetables during the summer. It really shows how some individuals value tradition and roots over the luxury of snazzy heater systems in the winter or a huge whirlpool bathtub.

It's such a sight to see the fields of rice and forests intertwining with the new brick building projects and high-rises. I hope that all these modern features do not overtake what has been here for generations, but that they learn to live and work together.