Finally, a sunny and clear opportunity to go outside with my new 50mm lens. I love it, I love it, I love it! It really does deliver to its best potential outside, and it looks so dreamy. But, I didn't go far as it was way too hot. During Monsoon season there is never a really nice day, either it's too much on both ends of hot or too stormy and rainy. I ventured with Bryan the Brother to the neighborhood over (which had beautiful old style homes and nature everywhere) and took in all the growth and vegetation everywhere; beautiful flowers, shady trees.
It was so nice to hear about all the readers who commented mentioned how they use the 50mm and love it so much. Now I finally understand why. I will be checking out some of the other lenses mentioned, and maybe I'll be adding it to my list. Right now I am still anticipating the arrival of my Canon AE-1, which has left the store in the U.S on Tuesday in Texas and should be arriving either Saturday here, or Monday. I have the serious case of jitter bugs right now. I will probably get all the film first since it is shipping from California.
I've been trying to think of some creative projects for my portfolio and even have been considering some calling cards from Rifle Paper Co; which has the most gorgeous watercolor design items ever. Or maybe come up with my own designs? I just found out a few days ago that I may be visiting the U.S (San Francisco, Chicago, etc) in September (will also be going to San Francisco in December for my brothers college graduation), so I think that will be a lovely opportunity for a vacation and enjoy taking photos. We all need a vacation! - especially between working and college. I'm so envious of everyone's lovely trips and I enjoy very much reading about them on your Blogs.
If you're ever in Korea and want to try one of our traditional (side) dishes, you will always get some type of kimchi included in your meals. It can be spicy depending on which ones you get. Here are some kimchi jars, usually used in the winter to store kimchi. Traditionally it is buried underground for months getting ready to be eaten. Does anyone else enjoy a dish of kimchi? How does it taste where you are?