Bonjuk Bibimbap

4th of July cancellations, impeding thunderstorms, and grey skies make for the perfect day for porridge. I finally got the chance to visit Bonjuk Bibimbap after my friend told me about it not too along ago. I can't believe I've never been here because I eat out at new restaurants quite often and have self-proclaimed myself a 'professional food critic' - all that is missing is a 30 minute show on the Food Network. After trying to navigate where it was on my phone and getting a little off track, we finally ended up at the restaurant that we had already passed. If you are ever in Korea this is a cheap and delicious place to stop by for a bite. Bonjuk has found it's place on my list of top eats.
Bonjuk offers porridges and bibimbap (which is a well loved Korean dish of mixed vegetables, rice, and a spicy paste). I got the Vegetable Porridge and Bryan the Brother got the seaweed porridge. What was a match made in heaven were the vegetarian options and they have options for meat and fish lovers. The bowl itself was enough for two people and the side dishes, cold radish soup, and the little cup of tea were the perfect additions. This is a perfect place to cozy up to during the winter and I know I'll find myself visiting frequently.