I would like to introduce to you my new Canon EF 50mm F1.8 lens, the "Plastic Fantastic" and the first trial with it. It's quite light and at a low price, Canons cheapest lens and it delivers incredible results with perfect macro. I was hesitant about it at first but eventually made clicked buy after hearing about the results and seeing other pictures taken with it. Sadly it's been raining nonstop and shows no sign of letting up so I haven't been able to really experiment with it outside. Oh dear Sun, where are you? Are there any lens favorites of yours? It's always nice to hear about other lens and what you use them for most times. Soon I'll be looking at some wide-angle lenses.
I think it's inevitable for people whose passion and job is Photography to get into film. Here are my disposable Fuji Films I bought (and more to buy soon), and I will be purchasing a Canon AE-1 today with some film. There is something about the differences in film and electronics, even though you aren't able to control all the details you wish, there will still be beauty when the pictures come out. It's been quite fun so far, winding the dial to hear the click telling me that it's ready to take the photo - I can't wait to go out and venture around.