I can't remember the last time I sat down at one of those irresistible Sushi Go Rounds - maybe sometimes 8 years ago when I was living in Japan. This little restaurant is very close to home and I shop at the shopping department it's located at maybe every other week. Finally, it was time to get acquainted with it. With not so many vegetarian options I settled on my all time favorite Japanese dish, Soba Noodles, and some Egg and Rice plates from the Sushi Go Round. Bryan wasn't so hungry and ordered the same noodle dish as me. I think I enjoyed watching the sushi makers creating their pieces more than my order, and looking at the limitless amounts of colorful dishes was a delight.
During this rare 3 day weekend I took the opportunity to take more film photos and relax. I feel as if sometimes these rolls are never ending, but I'm close to being done with my disposable camera and can't wait to develop it. Next to enjoying a movie, trying onion popcorn for the first time (incredibly delicious) - I got to indulge in some retail therapy. My new items are all Fall pieces, so I can't wait until I can wear them within the next month. I love the new styles that come with the changing seasons; this Fall season it's all about lace, over-sized blouses, the color olive green, and stripes. Not to keen on clothes in green, I settled on a long blush pink maxi skirt, and a lace royal blue mini-skirt.