Who is happy it's Friday, or almost Friday where you are? I'm enjoying the rainy weather (tea, movies, comfy clothing) but hoping it will stop tomorrow because I have a girls night out planned with my friend; it's past due to enjoy good company, some drinks and treats. I still have 22 more days until take off and just about to finish up with hotel reservations tonight. Maybe I mentioned before that I couldn't believe the year is almost over. It's been a fun, stressful, and eye opening 9 months so far. This has been a very fast year and I wish I could feel like I accomplished a lot, but maybe the months have been flying by so fast I haven't had the time to think about all that has happened this year.
After looking through my posts I've noticed I haven't been up to much lately; I'm hoping for some more free time so I can get out of the town, enjoy some peace and quiet, and take some photos. Today was enjoyable as I used my Canon AE-1 in the backyard on some nature shots; growing grapes, pumpkins, apples, and flowers. I've been trying to complete this practice roll as soon as I can so I can see how it turns out.

I thought I'd do a mini 'your questions answered' post to the most asked questions.

Are you living or visiting Korea? How do you have a U.S passport? I live here! It's no vacation. I was born and lived here for most of my life. I am a U.S citizen by birth because I was born on a U.S Military base so that equals automatic U.S citizenship. My Mom is Korean and my Dad is African-American. Even with my citizenship title, I still consider myself more Korean, and will say I am from Korea, even though some people still believe I'm flat out American.

So, what's your main language spoken? Korean was my most spoken language throughout my childhood, until I moved to the U.S when I was 10. I rarely had any Korean speakers around me (except family friends), so sadly I started to forget the language (how was it even possible?!) and it was quite depressing. After that I moved to Japan, and it disappeared. When I returned here I still understood everything spoken, and know how to read and write. Now I'm trying to be fluent in speaking it again.

I want to visit Korea, what do you recommend?  You can stay up-to-date with my posts from Korea or ask any questions. I would not only stay in Seoul, because there is adventure everywhere. Go to Busan to visit the beach (very famous for it), the seafood and the nightlife; great clubs and you can run into so many foreigners. Do a Buddhist Temple Stay (however many days for a very affordable price), and experience the lives of the Monk and get immersed in Buddhist culture. Go to Jeju-do Island if you have the time and extra cash; they have so many tours for people.

What would you recommend I do in Japan? I'm no pro of Japan. I lived on Okinawa (a beautiful and small island) for two years and visited mainland Japan. In Tokyo there is a lot and also not a lot to do; it's a unique and fast city with a lot of people. You can go to Shibuya, visit historical sites, and go to Tokyo Tower; they also have Disneyland. I would really like to visit Kyoto soon, especially during cherry blossom season, and because of the old temples and historical feel.

Which camera do you use? I currently use a Canon T3i and looking into other cameras. I use a Canon AE-1 for film, and favor Fujifilm Superia X-Tra, and Kodak Portra 400. Another thing is, the camera doesn't make the photos look nice, it's about you and what you do. Many times people automatically think aesthetically pleasing photos are all taken by top end cameras, but the camera only does so much and it all comes down to how you capture an image. When I started pursuing photography 6 years ago I had a regular Sony Digital that I got for my 16th birthday.
How do you edit your photos? I have Photoshop but rarely use it because I find it a little too overwhelming. I love, love, love VSCO Film for Lightroom - Lightroom is my absolute favorite. I would also recommend Gimp, PicMonkey and Photofiltre, it's so easy, simple and free.
What do you do? I work part time with children and freelance as a photography, with some styling and creative directing on the side. I attend college finishing up my Bachelors in Human Resource Management; which will be done next summer!  My passion in life is to travel the world while helping people and raising awareness to global issues through photography. Maybe one day I can work for UNICEF, which would also be a dream.
I'd really like to know about more vegetarian dishes and recipes. I'm still working on this too after 3 years. Most of the vegetarian dishes I've tried have been Indian food, which is so delicious and easy. I would very much recommend; Maayeka, Vegetarian Times, Veg Web.
Have a wonderful weekend! Tell me your plans.