Oh San Francisco. San Francisco. On a cold and rainy Friday I finally heard the news I've been waiting for; I will be visiting San Francisco the first week of October and can't be more happy! My Dad and I mostly planned it to be there for my brothers 21st Birthday. I'm sure these few weeks will go by fast, I hope they do, because I'm ready to pack my bags and camera and walk the hills and streets of a beautiful city!
I'm a little clueless as to what I want to do or see there. I'm sure my brother will be whisking me off to famous landmarks and such, but what else should I do and see? I'm very much looking forward to eating at the restaurants, especially because they are so healthy, and I've read about some Vegetarian restaurants. I can't wait to explore all that Farmers market has to offer. But, to the San Franciscans, I want to know about the places that aren't so tourist heavy because I'm all about exploring the places less seen. Any shopping destinations is greatly appreciated, too.

Beauty Products

My Friday would not be complete without a little retail therapy. I headed straight to the cosmetics to purchase some essential Fall products. I've done a few beauty posts before, but never really went into reviews, so I hope you guys enjoy these especially if you're looking for some new products. Anything new you have tried or bought recently? I've heard a lot of great reviews on Clarins, maybe it will be worth the try?
1. Lancome Maquicomplete Complete Coverage Concealer: The best concealer (ever!) and one I never leave the house without. I had a recent tube that lasted almost two years! It blends in perfectly, doesn't look oil and lasts throughout the day and night with minimal touch up.
2. Lancome Oscillation Powderfoundation: This is the first vibrating mineral powder on the market. I was impressed when I tried it on at the counter today. It blended in naturally and I think the vibration really helps set it and makes it look more even. After a few hours it still looked fresh.
3. Clinique Take the Day off Cleansing Milk: Heaven in a bottle. I used it immediately when I got home and it left my skin feeling so clean and removed the makeup off instantly. They have an eye and lip remover bottle which rivals the Lancome eye make up remover - love both!
4. Estee Lauder Hydrationist Moisture Cream: Any cream is necessary for the Fall and Winter months. I prefer any of the Estee Lauder creams they have, especially this one and the DayWear. Aveeno and Lancome also makes wonderful creams that I've used.
5. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Bronzer: If you've been a reader of my Blog, you may have noticed Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Bronzer. I think I've owned every one that has come out. I think it's the best and looks natural on any skin. It doesn't fade or cause your skin to look oily. Lancome's Tropiques Minerale Bronzer and Bobbi Browns Shimmer Brick are other bronzers I favor and ones I highly recommend.