It'll be a very busy next few weeks with school and work, so I've already started to pack lightly. Time flies by when you have no rest. I won't be taking much, but it just takes me some time to get items together; just a few outfits, my cameras, and beauty essentials; a very empty suitcase because I plan on doing intense shopping.
While excited about capturing all the sights, my poor shoulders and back will get the worst of lugging around my DSLR, Canon AE-1, and other knick knacks in my purse.
Thank you Yumi and Nadya for giving me some wonderful and fun recommendations! Yumi has beautiful photos of her time in San Francisco. Nadya, I love the restaurant recommendations you gave, I will at least go to one. I'm going to start compiling a little list of what to do the first two days, and the rest will be spontaneous; I'm quite excited for Chinatown! Of course, a trip is not complete without enjoying the tourist attractions. I can’t leave these beauty essentials at home and I wouldn’t know what to do without the mini items; they are so convenient and saves space. I’ve learned my lesson after a view painful attempts to look as posh and stylish as possible; sometimes vanity gets the best of us. It would be utterly insane to walk around all day for hours up and down hills in 5 inch heels. I won’t be putting my feet through the torture of that anymore, so I’ll be settling for (newly bought!) comfortable boots and very low heels. I’ll be on an evening flight, so I have ample time to look around the airport, buy a few magazines, and enjoy a nice meal before take-off.