It's been two days since I've been in San Francisco and I wish I could stay forever! Everything is so perfect here; weather, food, shopping, architecture, and friendly people. There is so much to see, do, eat, and experience and I can't wait to call San Francisco my home in the future. I've been thinking of areas to live when I decide to buy an apartment (love the Lombard area), but there's plenty of time to plan.
These few days had been a big rush of food, shopping, and sightseeing, and I think I have close to 300 photos. I'm happy to say I finally experienced Moroccan food and almost fainted because of how heavenly it all tasted. We may be doing back to the Moroccan restaurant or a different one for my brother's birthday. Well, I'm thinking of how to breakdown these photos; by day or topic. Tomorrow my Father and I will be visiting the Golden Gate Bridge and indulging in more shopping; I'm hoping to try some Greek or Mediterranean cuisine.