We got our first snow today! Not so excited and wish it would remain fall all year round. I've been enjoying my day off and this snow day in to get in some cleaning. I gave my closet a major facelift last night and was delighted to find all my thigh-high socks. I love wearing them in the comfort of my home, usually with an oversized sweater while laying in bed with the snow falling softly outside. The falling snow does set the scene; scented candles, sweaters, blankets and warm mugs of delicious drinks.Here are some last few photos from my trip in San Francisco - most of it is from Fisherman's Wharf. Oh, how I want to be back there right now. I know it's not as warm as it was when I was there, but anything is better than the weather here. So, here is my little sunshine to you guys, a little bit of California, palm trees and crystal blue waters.