I may be enjoying the winter a little too much this year. That may be a good thing, as the darker hours and coldness tends to bring out a little sadness for the summer in some people. I love the little winter time transformations taking place like buying new houseplants, getting back into pilates, and catching up on baking. I really want some more bamboos and this s my first time taking care of my own houseplants so I really want to accumulate a nice little collection. I miss the thriving nature so dearly and a little bit of green leaves around the house goes a long way. My high feelings may also be the fact that my brother is finally landing tomorrow and on Sunday we will go and enjoy the Seoul Design Festival; we've only attended this one other time and it was amazing. There was such beautiful, quirky, new and crazy art work to enjoy and we all need some eye candy and visual stimulation.

Sunshine Blogger

  I got tagged by ice pandora as a Sunshine blogger! I loved the questions, it's personal and meaningful. If you are looking for new blogs, check out the blogroll for a bit of everything. Who are some of your favorites?
1. How do you deal with stress? My usual methods are cleaning, cooking, exercise, reading a book, napping, and shopping.
2. What is your fashion no-go? Leggings as pants.
3. What dream do you wish to achieve? Raising awareness and helping certain causes around the world (poverty, lack of clean water, human trafficking), and even making a different in one individuals life is good enough for me. I want to travel the world and see every country I can.
4. What would you do if the world is about to end? Spend the last time with loved ones and eat all my favorite foods.
5. What would your friends describe you as person? Trustworthy, free spirit, party animal, brutally honest, the go to for relationship advice, caring, daring, dreamer.