Remember when I mentioned before about the little cafe I found nearby? Goodbye to the days and nights of taking the city bus to go to a decent cafe. ToPresso is a Korean cafe company with a very unique menu. Have you ever had a Sweet Potato Latte or  Red Bean Latte? My brother ordered the Sweet Potato Latte, and while the name might not sound delicious, it could have easily become my kryptonite; it was that delicious. I settled for a caramel macchiato and waffle dessert, but next time I will try the other unique drinks I have never tried before. We all need to be a little more daring with a dash of adventure in life, even if it means just trying new flavors of coffee.
The weather has taken a turn for the worse and is uninviting as ever. It's created the perfect setting for me to light my candles and order my first bralettes from Gilly Hicks and Nastygal. I've been needing some more comfortable wear under my clothes instead of the usual padded and wired bras. I hope the bralettes are as comfortable as everyone says they are.