Where did January go? There's absolutely no rest right now and an oncoming avalanche of essays, photography projects, catching up with friends, and the off ends and bits. If Instragram wasn't a big giveaway, this month starting will be full of new and fresh ideas; outfit posts, transforming my wardrobe into something new, starting new fashion projects, working on improving and discovering my photography skills (inspired by Nadya), and planning my trip around Asia for the summer.

No matter how long you've been passionate about a certain hobby or career choice, it never hurts to improve and push yourself to your own limit. There is so much more I can learn about photography even though it's been part of me since I was 16, I still want to know more. With upcoming travels and my humanitarian/documentary projects, it's never been more crucial to engage in more rigorous practice, development, and self-improvement. Strive to be the best you that you can.