I might have been a late bloomer in the beauty department compared to the other girls in my grade. I didn't take a notice of the winged eyeliners, pink and red lip glosses and the over use of blush. It wasn't until the age of thirteen that I bought my first eyeliner and hid it from my Mom because I was afraid of what she would say because of my age - can we say rebel? After discovering some smudged eyeliner I didn't wash off so well, my Mom said to me I should have told her I was interested in makeup.

That day began my transformation and development in beauty. She bought me my first Estee Lauder products and I fell in love with the beautiful palette of eyeshadows - we turned to Clinique for skin care. I had a few years of embarrassing strings of experimenting with makeup but that's the fun of it - the horrid eye shadowing effects and awkward lip stick coloring makes me laugh now. My allegiance for the past nine years holds strong for Estee Lauder and Clinique because they were my first products and they are truly spectacular brands. I don't mind using drugstore products, but after a horrible reaction with one, (my whole face broke out into a burning and itching red rash after using a powder foundation from a brand that will not be named) I stick to products that my skin likes most and these are the two top choices. Now I stay away from most drug store products except for Maybelline mascaras because I couldn't handle going through that experience again.

Here are some new products I've bought this past weekend. I just enjoy visiting the makeup counters because my Moms friends work there and I don't protest when they magically add products for me to buy into my basket because the free samples they give usually end up to be more than what I buy. I've used the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion for as long as I can remember - but the gel version is much more catered towards oily skin. Sometimes I get lazy and don't use my eye makeup remover which is where Clinique's Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser comes in handy - it takes off the days/nights makeup and leaves the skin squeaky clean with using a pinch size amount. The sun is starting to shine more brightly and Clinique's Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protection SPF40 is the perfect keep in your purse item. I could not resist their All About Shadow Duo eyeshadows in warm and springtime colors. I'm really curious to try an eye base, any favorites for no smudge eyeliner/eyeshadow?

The Estee Lauder Double Wear line is a force to be reckoned with. The intense coverage and long lasting products are something to try out, but be careful because you will fall in love with the Double Wear line. I will never stop using the Double Wear Light Foundation because I've yet to find a liquid foundation that is as natural looking. The Double Wear Stay-in-Place High Cover Concealer SPF 35 is a new item that I will be trying out.