I think we're all excited to be showing a little skin soon -- if it is cold winter where you are -- if not, you are incredibly lucky. In these harsh and bitter seasons we sometimes forget about using more lotion and exfoliating often. Who are we trying to impress in five layers of clothing? I usually stick to a homemade recipe of brown sugar, honey, and coconut oil for my skin, but I indulged in a little The Body Shop and the loved items of Spa Wisdom -- and other ends and bits such as loofahs, body scrubs and foot care items.
Not one to usually gush about body products, but this is one item that needs a little attention. If you are prone to dry skin and even some discoloration of areas getting darker (knees, elbows, ankles), this is a purchase well worth the price. It has a very calming scent and will last you a long time.