Is it usual for you to put comfort before looks? Do you think it's silly to wear high heels to the airport for traveling when you could opt for something more comfortable like a pair of Toms? After a while, Victoria's Secret add 2 Cup Sizes Bombshell bras became a little tiring, and that's why I decided to buy my first batch of bralettes. Where do I even begin? Why have I waited so long to buy them?! They're so comfortable and I love how they come in different styles and colors -- no need to always buy plain black ones -- and I immediately fell in love with the pastel colored ones. I'll be looking into more this weekend at Gilly Hicks, Nasty Gal, and Free People.

What is your say on bralettes and where do you like to purchase them from?

If you haven't heard of the news that left me jumping up and down, Estee Lauder featured one of my photos on their Instagram for Fan Friday! This has given me the perfect excuse to buy more products this weekend to take more photos. I'm welcoming a relaxing week off from work next week to enjoy my Spring Break after I finish my finals (breathe in, breathe out, college is almost done in a few more months) -- I can finally catch up on some photo taking, and rest. I get to enjoy one of my other favorite past times I haven't been able to indulge -- reading with a nice warm cup of Chai.