Back to basics. Back to the sun. Taking advantage of the warmth this weekend was a time well spent; a little bit of shopping,  a little bit of photo taking, and a little bit of Japanese food. With the cold weather transitioning and changing, there are other areas of life that are changing. Long live the days my closet was filled with black, white, and grey (and lets add navy), and now I find my closet starting to re-invite these colors again.
What is surprising is this new found love for the beach and sunshine - the ideal sunny day used to be staying inside until evening - flashback to a vacation in Hawaii where I sat under the palm trees with my sunscreen in hand at the beach. Yes, I was the ultimate anti-sun lover. It started with finding out about the graduation trip to Boracay Islands, a bikini purchase last month and another bikini purchase yesterday. I am ready for the beaches this year and many more after. Speaking of future trips and beaches, possible one of the most time consuming and frustrating part of trip planning is the actual buying of the ticket itself. Do you wait a month before, or four months before? Hotel planning and the planning of the sight-seeing lists may take some time to perfect, but at least it's the fun part.