I'm not ready to wear a matching Chanel tweed jacket and skirt outfit boasting a floral print while drinking tea at a fancy place. That's the thought that were marching through my mind as my Mother brought home a beautiful butterfly brooch one evening. Is this a symbol of my early retirement of entering the world of knee length skirts and penny loafers? I always envisioned myself in my early 60's rivaling the dance moves of those my age now. So, the Butterfly Brooch simply became a little decoration on my desk.

A few nights later came the steady flow of brooches in different designs and colors. Oh, maybe I can find some use for them, and why not? After playing around in the mirror feeling like the little girl trying on a mothers lipstick for the first time, I think brooch's have found their way into my daily wardrobe - a little bling, a little color, and a little happiness that stands out against the clothes. One day the feeling may be pearls and gold and the next, a kaleidoscope of jade Butterfly.