Finally, the little east coast beach trip that I've been eagerly planning is slowly approaching. Next week the beautiful coast of Gyeongpo Beach will be filling my view - I can't wait to take in the soft sand and crystal blue waters that Gyeongpo is so famous for. I've been inspired more by Instagram after following many individuals who post spectacular photos of the beaches that they live near. It's just a little short weekend trip, but it will be blissful. I'm not sure why I am overthinking the extremely light packing that should take place as I want to spend most of my time enjoying the surrounding area and lazily walking the miles of the beach. This mini beach getaway is a pre-mini celebration for almost finishing my Bachelors - at the end of July I will finally be able to let down my hair and breathe a great big sigh of relief and say good bye to tiny text-book fonts, heavy coffee and sleeping at 3 a.m. I know it'll feel like a start of a new life and the world will seem full of possibilities and newly opened doors - it'll be a new day.


Here are some last photos taken at the memorial/burial site a few weeks ago. The surrounding area by the ponds were joined by stunning views of koi fishes and flowers. These were edited with VSCO Film 04 on Lightroom 5 - perfect, amazing, brilliant, astounding - and possibly the best photo editor I have ever purchased. This purchase comes with the fact that I have neglected my poor portfolio - these next few weeks will be dedicated to redesigning and cleaning up my portfolio and blog. I am going through days of euphoria because of upcoming trips and changes - it just feels right to let go of some of heaviness on my shoulders by cleaning up this and that. I've had many of my personal items stored in the U.S when I left and they will start to be delivered here shortly because of my decision to stay longer in Korea with my family. Yes, they are just items, but it brings a comfort to be in possession of your favorite candles, cook books, and heels that you haven't laid sight on in what feels like forever.