Reminiscing about a family trip to Fussa and Tokyo, Japan in 2011 and finally getting around to posting the photos that have been lost -- these are the memories of those fewdays. It was the perfect time to go in October because the weather was refreshing and without a hint of humidity in the air. I really wished to visit Kyoto, but that wasn't in the plans.

Days of sight seeing led us to Tokyo Tower, and the Zoujou-ji Temple in Shibuya Park. The area was beautiful with lush greens, praying individuals, and the calming effect of a temple. We enjoyed many hours of shopping and sightseeing at the shoppers paradise, Shibuya, and got lost in the throng of people, laughing with delight while standing in the middle of the famous Shibuya crossing. A trip is not over without shopping, and cosmetics from Clinique and Estee Lauder and clothing items took up the majority of our bags with a box having to be sent back home because we did not have enough space.
Just being able to walk around and view all the houses, buildings (interesting architecture and designs) along with the boutiques and cafes was a calming and relaxing time.

We feasted on delicious Chinese/Korean style food our first night there and enjoyed a fancy candle lit dinner at the New Sanno Hotel in the downtown Tokyo. We stayed in the town of Fussa at the Military base hotel and enjoyed the closeness of Tokyo (about an hour bus ride). The little town was very welcoming with many mini shops and restaurants, and hours were spent walking into shops and deciding which restaurant to eat at as there were many choices - Indian, Thai, Chinese, even Italian. The local grocery store boasted delicious bakery treats that made their way into our bags and the Yen store was of course visited - paradise for those looking for cheap and cute items.

I'm still a little disappointed at the lack of photos from the trip, but thankfully Japan is only a few hours flight away from here and easy to visit. I was definitely too busy trying to take in all the sights and sounds (and as much delicious food as possible). Even though I lived in Japan for two years, it wasn't mainland but the beautiful island Okinawa. I hope to capture beautiful shots in Kyoto and enjoy more time in Tokyo if I decide to go back there again.