The last haul of late nights, head aches, and a nervous breakdown while waiting for test results to come in has finally approached; the 5 year college journey will finally come to a close in July. They say you save the best for last, and maybe I took this statement a little too literally, as my bundle of classes revolve around my least favorite subject; math. I'm not going to say bye to my social life and turn into a recluse; friends, photography, exercise, eating out, and movies will be making their way into my schedule - I can do all this, because I'm Superwoman.
What better way to congratulate oneself but go on a much needed vacation?
As a gift from my parents, my brother and I get to enjoy life on an island somewhere around here with no worries, except what time to wake up in the morning to go for a swim in the beach. After deciding not to go to Boracay (maybe), I've been looking into other islands; I received a helpful tip to visit Perhentian Island in Malaysia. Malaysia is well known for it's beautiful islands and is a popular tourist destination for Koreans, especially for their honeymoons.