You don't find the bikini, but the bikini finds you. This was the saying on Sunday evening while in the company of a friend turns into getting a glimpse of the bikini that was store front and falling instantly in love.

Here is the latest addition to my growing bikini family and it has quickly became my favorite one. I especially love this bikini because of the tropical print and colors, and it makes the anticipation for my island getaway seem more worth the wait. I can hardly contain my exhilaration on getting to wear this on the beach or pool side while flicking through the pages of National Geographic Travel -- and of course, can't forget the delicious, cute and fruity alcoholic beverage with umbrella included on the table. I've become a little bikini crazy these past few months - and every time I tell myself that this is the last one, I end up falling in love with another bikini and telling myself just one more.

Less bikinis and strawberry daiquiris talk, lets talk about a relaxing Sunday evening spent visiting this new cafe -- Cafe Rue 6. Korea is famed for it's unique, creative, and one of a kind cafes. Many of their big cafe and bakery brands like Caffe Bene, Tous Les Jours, and Paris Baugette have been making their appearances across the globe. Cafe Rue 6 is not one of the big chain brands, which makes you admire it's individuality even more. I glimpsed the inside of Cafe Rue 6 before while on a stroll and was intrigued by it's open space and industrial feel. It's set in a narrow building and the cafe is located on the first and third floor - the third floor is a feature of tall windows lining the wall, outside patios, and heavy wooden furniture. My friend and I took the elevator to the third floor and ordered an iced Americano and an orange tea -- never in my cafe explorations have I sipped from such tall glasses before.

There are so many cafes I can't wait to discovered in Seoul and in other cities. You can get so much work done while spending a few hours in a comfortable seat with your favorite order of tea or coffee - or if you're feeling like trying something new, maybe that house drink you've always wanted to try but ending up changing your mind at the last minute.