I mentioned before one of my magical, super talents of knowing and finding restaurants that will make even the most hard-headed critics heart melt. My birthday spent in Seoul was no exception. After walking the length of Itaewon in an attempt to find a restaurant, I finally settled on a Turkish restaurant with the name of Kervan. While walking up the stairs to the scents of fresh baked bread and spices, my ideas of Turkey began to rush through my head; beautiful mosques, tea, spices, and even my college friend whose home is there. As this was our first time at Kervan (and eating Turkish cuisine) the menu was heavily and slowly scrutinized with the usual remarks of, "Oh, this looks good", "I want to try this and this and that."

After settling on the Spaghetti Antalya lunch menu set (today's soup, salad, main menu, Turkish bread, and tea), the table was filled with the orders of everyone else: Rich Pide, Pilaf Doner Kebab, and Shish Kebab Lamb. It was a very satisfying and fulfilling meal, and the restaurant was visually appealing - the experience was one to remember, and I can't wait to discover other Turkish restaurants.