Learning a few Tagalog words and phrases, getting in some last minute shopping today, and packing ahead of time - it's as if I'm planning to spend a month in Boracay, when it will only be a few days. Here are a few favorite island getaway items I can't go without; dresses (short and maxi), some jewelry pieces, scarves turned to hair pieces, waterproof and oil proof cosmetic products, cameras, and bikinis. I've come a long way from over-packing in my earlier days of traveling - no one needs ten pairs of shoes for a week trip. September 1st is just around the corner - kumusta to sun kissed skin, maxi dresses, walks on the beach, and fancy dinner reservations. Things change all the time and nothing is ever constant. Months ago I planned on leaving my job, traveling around Southeast Asia, and afterwards moving to the U.S; but here I am now months later, enjoying my job with different plans, and preparing to move to the U.S next Spring. Whether the changes are caused by me or circumstances outside of my control - all you can do is learn to go with the flow and take the days as they come. Southeast Asia will be visited soon, when the time is right.