A Day Out At Sea

After settling into Boracay and letting the rush reside a little during a good nights sleep, it all came back quickly the next day as we woke up to a slightly cloudy but warm day. Today was the day we've been waiting four; a day filled with sail boating, snorkeling and the famous seafood buffet for the final show. After a delicious breakfast buffet, our tour group met up and we piled into a motor bike buggy and were off to the beach. As we all made our way clumsily up the plank steps onto the sail boat, we were all too jittery with anticipation.
The few hours spent on the sail boat were a mix of emotions I can't explain. I closed my eyes often as I faced towards the direction of the wind with my feet in the water and just let myself be at peace. Our time on the sail boat consisted of fishing (I didn't participate in that but took photos) and snorkeling. It was my first time snorkeling, which comes as a surprise to many people because I've lived on Okinawa before - an island. As I put on the snorkeling gear and made the descent into the warm waters, my head became light with happiness at the beauties underwater; fishes of all colors, corals, and sea life. Often times those on the boat would throw snacks around us and hundreds of fish would swim next to us; it was the most intoxicating experience one could feel floating around with beautiful fishes.
The day ended with a magnificent seafood buffet with piles of crabs, BBQ shrimp on a stick, noodles, rice, vegetables, beer and coke. One good thing is that there was always a variety of other options since I'm a vegetarian - Boracay is quite vegetarian friendly. We spent a good amount of time eating and talking, because everyone was especially fond of getting as much seafood as possible.
We all went back to our resorts and dressed up for a wild night of partying on White Beach, Coco Mango's, Summerplace and other bars surrounding those bars. I especially enjoyed sitting on the beach outside the bar surrounded by comfortable pillows, lamps, and hookah. The night life is absolutely  thrilling, and in all my days of partying, Boracay has given me and the others a different ride. I met so many tourists visiting from places like Germany, China, and even from Korea. 1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila.

Where to Drink and Party: D'Mall Bars, Club Epic, Summerplace, Coco Mango's