Welcome to Boracay

  The few mesmerizing and short days spent at Boracay was every bit cliche for a beach vacation; lounging poolside at the resort, engaging in water activities, drinking coconut shakes, enjoying the nightlife and collecting seashells. I researched quite a bit on the island of Boracay to have an idea of what to expect and do, but nothing prepared me for the other experiences, the people I would meet, and the feelings I would come to experience. Never in my twenty something years have I met people as friendly as I did. I guess that's how the beach life is; laid-back, relaxed, and not a care in the world when you have the sun shining down on you. This was every bit of paradise and relaxation one could imagine.

Our short plane ride from Incheon International Airport to Kalibo International Airport was met with the hustle and bustle of street vendors, the smell of motorbike fumes, and just across the street was our first sight of the small local shops and restaurants. Our tour group made it's way to a Korean restaurant nearby to enjoy a familiar and hearty meal and we were briefed on the do's and don'ts, safety guidelines, our planned activities and our free time. I didn't know a single person in the tour group, we were all from different cities, but during the few days we spent together we all became friends in a foreign country overcoming language barriers and creating everlasting memories.

We took a bumpy hour and a half drive to the port to take a small boat to Boracay - our final destination. It was luck to be met with refreshing weather, especially during the wet season, on our first day. Even with some heavy rain, cloudy skies and slightly uncomfortable amount of humidity, all that was small stuff that didn't take away from our enjoyment. Another bumpy ride through the streets of Boracay and we finally reached Fairways and Bluewater Resort and was greeted with a cool drink at check-in. The rest of the day and night ended with exploring the grounds, walking along the private beach, eating dinner with the rest of the tour group that came, and sleep - what do the rest of the days hold?  

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