White Beach and D'Mall

The life of the party, the jewel of the city, and one of the most sought out beaches for beach lovers around the world; welcome to White Beach. It's impossible not to be swept away by the beauty of White Beach and the sights and sounds you will experience. When you first step onto the sands of this hypnotizing beach, you'll be amazed at the fineness of the grains, and the indescribable and unreal feeling of softness. White Beach stretches for miles, and along the shores are the smiling faces of tourists, street vendors, sail boats, and sand castles. We spent the time relaxing on lounge chairs, watching children run around, looking above us at the endless line of coconut trees, and taking in the sights of people parasailing.

Beach lovers only need to walk a few steps to  come upon D-Mall; all your shopping, restaurant, and party needs. We spent a lot of time at D'Mall meeting people, eating at the restaurants (Italian, Korean, Thai), drinking, and passing time at White Beach.  A little rain, a little shine, but there was always something to look forward to. On our lazy days we enjoyed spa treatments, buying dried mangoes and bananas, lounging at our resorts pools, and trying to get in the little sun that peeked through the grey clouds. It was a sight to see impending grey skies and some rain during out time at White Beach; not even that could take away from people visiting and just comes to show that life goes on, even through and after the storm.

It was bittersweet on check out day, and we could hardly bring ourselves to leave the little paradise we quickly called home. Since we checked out in the morning, we had the last hours to ourselves, hustled back to the air port area, and had our last dinner together.

P.S. Don't forget to stop by Halowich at D'Mall and try a Mango Holic. It's the most delicious treat ever.  

See you next time, Boracay.