As usual with the changing seasons, my beauty routine is adjusting to the approaching harsh Winter; new assortments of cremes, moisturizers and repair serums are finally back on my beauty desk. One of my favorite part about shopping for a new season are the new colors - especially the lipsticks and nail polish choices. The Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick Plum Couture (the "it" fall lip color) was a color I was very hesitant about because I've never worn a lip color so dark before. But, when I put it on it shows up to look quite lovely and I may want to start using this is my night time red lipstick. Some of my other winter time items from Estee Lauder that you may want to add to your beauty stash are DayWear, Clear Difference BB Creme, and the all year round favorite, Advanced Night Repair.

Featured Estee Lauder Items

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