Japan is one of those countries that you can visit numerous times and never grow tired of the flawless hospitality and delicious cuisine. Tokyo and Okinawa have given me so many unforgettable memories and Okinawa gave me a home for two memorable years. One city in Japan I have wanted to visit for years is Kyoto. I have dreamed of being in Kyoto during the blooming of the cherry blossoms, and my dreams have finally come true. This coming March I will be roaming through the historic temples and appreciating the beautiful cherry blossoms.

We all look for ways to lessen the stress of traveling, packing, and finding hotels. Everyday I discover something new to help ease my wanderlust mind. I had the pleasure of using AirBnB this past Halloween weekend for the first time - we rented out an apartment space and our host was the most warm and welcoming lady anyone could ask for. I've always been a little weary of hostels or rented spaces and have sticked to the familiar safety of resorts and hotels. I've heard of Couchsurfing, and even Lonely Planet (my favorite for travel everything!) - and these websites help make traveling easier. It's nice that there are affordable options for people who want to opt out of hotels and plane costs and want to have a little adventure along the way. RelayRides gives people the opportunity to rent out cars to those looking for a ride to use for their vacation time. While I have never used this personally, it sounds like something travelers who prefer road tripping should look into it. It's amazing how they have rentals for you to look at right when you get to the airport for those cruising through the U.S.

I've road tripped numerous times through South Korea and the U.S, and I have to say every time it's always a joy. Some of my most memorable road cruises I've experienced were when I lived in Alaska and drove from Anchorage to Fairbanks and the beautiful state offered sceneries of wild animals, breathtaking views of snowcapped mountains, and fresh air. We took a trip from Anchorage to Dawson City in Yukon, Canada where we were able to enjoy all the natural sights and spend a few days at a new and refreshing town.

While I haven't had the pleasure of planning my own road trips yet, I think I'll be planning many when I move to the U.S. I don't really have a lengthy list of road tripping essentials, but my must-haves are: snacks, books, a little beauty refreshing bag, electronics for music and play, and comfy shoes to switch into. When I travel by plane, I start my packing at least a week in advance and do a little everyday. My travel essentials for my take-on can tend to get a little bulky, especially because I can't resist buying duty free and purchasing books while waiting at the airport.

What are some of your must have road trip and plane travel must-haves and travel tips?