Today marks Veterans Day in the U.S; as everyday we should remember and thank our troops for serving and protecting our countries. When Veterans Day approaches, I remember the 20 years my Father spent in the U.S Army, where his job took us as a family, the days he spent away from home, and the happy feelings felt when he returned home from the field. Growing up by Military bases surrounded by children who were born in different countries, who could speak multiple languages, and who all went through the same and different experiences, this was the life of a Military kid. I guess in a way I was one of the lucky ones who came back to my roots while my other friends had to move to a new country every few years, but many of my friends who had a Korean mother and American father usually spend most of their childhood here.

I don't only remember those who have served on Veterans Day, but I also think about the children(s) whose parents aren't here to commemorate Veteran's Day with. This goes out to the little boy or girl waiting for their brave Father or Mother to come back from their tour and to embrace each other in that tender moment at the airport or at home.
We should not forget that soldiers to this day are sacrificing their lives for their country in places like Afghanistan. It takes strength and so much more to be able to join the Military knowing what comes with it.