I will never take healthy days for granted and I am so over the random fits of coughing at night and chills. These few sick days at home have given me plenty of time to work on my portfolio and surprise project that I will be revealing soon. Here are a some few photos I forgot to post from my Boracay getaway, and to welcome my next trip in a few weeks.  

Next Stop: Hong Kong and Macau

 Oh, I absolutely do love spontaneity. It seems I have a tour reservation booked from December 30th to January 3rd. On a whim, one of my coworkers (who enjoys traveling just as much as I do) and I started talking about traveling and how we can't seem to find people to go with and we talked about starting to travel together. With our busy schedule, Christmas to New Years was most ideal, and the idea of spending New Years at a place we've never visited before sounded too good to pass. I didn't plan on traveling anywhere until the Spring to visit Japan, but I'm still anxious for this change of plans and to welcome a new place, people, and all that we will experience. I'm already thinking about what to pack and I recently purchased a new pair of boots and leopard print slip-on sneakers. I can finally put the new suitcases my Mother bought to good use and I love her for telling me to go and have fun.

I would love to hear any of your tips and places to go and see while visiting Hong Kong and Macau.