I can’t believe how fast the month of December is going! Just yesterday it was the first, now we are in mid-December - what happened?! This past week I’ve been caught up at work and finishing up the remodeling of my secret humanitarian project, which I can’t wait to reveal soon. There’s only 15 days left until my co-worker and I are on our way to Hong Kong and Macau. I’m happy to say my mini-winter vacation starts the 24th and I won’t be returning to work until January 5th; lets just say it’s a much needed vacation.

Last weekend was a little busy with photo-shoots, a visit to a local art gallery, and eating at our favorite Japanese restaurant Happy Teriyaki. Yesterday my brother and I took the train over to Cheonan to shop at H&M and visit Libro Bookstore. I was so sad they didn’t have the knit hats I was waiting for weeks to buy (oh well!) in the end I bought three different knit hats which I plan on taking with me to Hong Kong. Our local Books Libro is modestly sized, but it doesn’t compare to the Books Libro at Cheonan that has a cafe and boasts different sections such as electronics, a huge CD section, and even a fun amount of Hello Kitty items. I just love taking my time and walking through the rows of books, diaries, and stationary. We opted out of eating dinner at Cheonan and headed back to Pyeongtaek to eat at this new Korean restaurant we saw last time. This is probably now one of my favorite restaurants at AK Plaza, and the proportions is enough to feed many people.

How was your weekend?