"Fortaleza do Monte is the historical military centre of the former Portuguese colony of Macau, in the People's Republic of China. It is part of the "Historic Centre of Macau",
a UNESCO World Heritage Site."


The ferry ride to Macau was one of those slightly rocky motions that was gentle enough to put you to sleep. After watching the video clips of Macau, and listening to the words “Where Dreams Come True” a hundred times, why not dream a little and believe you might hit the jackpot? All I could think about was Vegas, and the fact that I could finally cross off gambling from my life list.

The view from Victoria Peak was absolutely stunning, and it rivaled the view of Macau from Fortaleza do Monte (Portuguese for Mount Fortress). A beautiful ruins of an old military location, we were able to walk along the old stone steps and pose next to cannons and view contrasting scenes of the old and new of the city around us. Unlike the rest of our hurried tour, we actually had time to enjoy the scenes and take photos. Not done with our history lesson, we made our way to see the Ruins of St. Pauls, which is a single standalone part of a church that was destroyed by a fire in 1835. After making our way through the crowds of thousands, we were pushed and thrown into Senado Square. Here you will find what I believe the most delicious egg tarts. Ever. We didn’t spend a lot of time at Macau, and it was very crowded but worth every minute.

Casinos and designer stores are a few of the main themes that draw individuals to Macau every day. You will become entranced by the beautiful and intoxicating lights, shops, gambling tables and machines of the casinos. It was difficult not to fall under the spell of what I knew would be a quick one night stand with a city that could make your dreams come true or take it away just as easily.

We visited the Wynn Macau Hotel first and for the last part of the trip, spent a few hours at the Venetian Hotel Macau. I was left dizzy by all the stores to shop at, all the foods to eat, and the sounds of slot machines as people gambled away the night at the chance of being a millionaire overnight. Excuse my ignorant ways when it comes to casinos, but from the words of my friend who visited the one located at Las Vegas, the one in Macau doesn’t compare. Well well, I can’t wait to visit the Venetian at Las Vegas.


Thank you to everyone again for all the wonderful advice! I can't tell you how much it helped, especially on our free day. As much as I enjoyed the convenience of the tour, it was a little disappointing not being able to do more and on such little time. That was the last tour I will probably take, and I'm grateful for the experience with Hanatour on my Boracay and Hong Kong trip. I'm looking forward to visiting Hong Kong again, spending more time there and I especially can't wait to try more food selections and egg tarts.