Hong Kong

Contrary to the title, there was absolutely not an ounce of strutting in Jimmy Choo's going on while we toured Hong Kong on our one free day. I knew I picked the perfect pair of shoes when I packed my favorite pair of Steven Madden Ecentric sneakers in leopard print for the comfort and style of walking; I wore them to the airport, on our free day, and coming back.
Thank you, slip-on sneakers, you're a life savior.

The morning after New Years was our beautiful free day of exploring Hong Kong. After one too many tequila shots and Jack and coke drinks, I was able to get an hour of sleep before starting the morning over a slow breakfast. We looked online for a few places that we wanted to add to our list, and Chungking Mansions was a mutual choice and that was our first stop. We didn't pick the best time to visit Chungking Mansions as it was morning and everything was very quiet and closed. We ate a small lunch at an Indian Restaurant because rumor has it, if you're looking for the best Indian food in Hong Kong, you will find it there.
It was absolutely delicious with just the right amount of portions.

After a filling early lunch we walked for hours and what felt like a thousand miles down Nathan Road taking in the sights and making our way to Jade Market and the areas of Kowloon. We didn't have much of a destination after Chungking Mansions, but just walking outside with the sun shining was all that we could ask for as the weather was less than fortune before we came. Sometimes the best of times aren't always meticulously planned out, but you just need to live in the moment and go with the flow.

We ended the night visiting the AIA The Great European Carnival and got crazy dizzy on a ride.
The few hours at the carnival was one of those rare moments when I was able to let go and be a kid again; no worries and just a world of fun. With the stress of finding a new job, working and creating photography projects and worrying about family, I can't thank that day enough for what it was able to give me for a few hours.

Just one more post from our trip; Macau! And look out for the next travel destination.