Happy 2015!

  A Happy New Years to everyone is way overdue! Cheers to 2015, and I hope all your wishes and dreams come true. After arriving back in Korea yesterday morning, all I have done is sleep and unpack when I have the strength to. I still have my Hong Kong travel high this morning, and all I can think about is catching the next flight back and buying as many egg tarts as possible.

Welcome to Hong Kong

  We arrived in Hong Kong late at night on December 30th after a mere few hours of flying. The flight was very relaxing and comfortable, with a delicious meal, and a great choice of movies to pick from; I finally got to watch The Maze Runner. We met with our tour guide and group, checked into our hotel, and spent a few minutes walking around our quiet neighborhood. There wasn't much to see in our residential area, but from the 19th floor of Ramada Hong Kong Hotel, we were offered a view of the harbor.

After a delicious breakfast we began our Hong Kong tour on a sunny and clear day. We knew from our itinerary that itwas going to be a busy and long day/night filled with the typical sites and sounds (and delicious egg tarts) that tourist get to experience. We visited Repulse Bay Beach, had a city tour riding on an Open-top Bus, enjoyed SoHo Street and Hollywood Road, went to Wong Tai Sin Temple, indulged in the nighttime market shopping, and had the most magnificent view of Hong Kong on top of Victoria Peak.

First impression are so important, and Hong Kong simply mesmerized me to the point of no return. Every bit of gossip and talk that I've heard about Hong Kong has been true; it's a place that will make you want to return again and again. I've never experience a place so vibrant, unique, and multicultural as Hong Kong. I really appreciated and was in awe at how everything worked in harmony; the old and new architecture, Chinese restaurants next to Cafes and foreign eateries, and all the colors of faces from different countries. As we walked through the streets of the neighborhoods, it was difficult to keep our heads still because there was always something to see; high skyscrapers, colorful apartment homes, and all the crazy array of blinking building signs. Hong Kong came alive at night and we could almost hear the beating heart of the city. We were washed in colors of lights from the stores and buildings, and I believe the scene would've put the lights of Las Vegas to shame. This is the feeling that everyone was talking about.

I have so many photos I can't wait to share through here and on Instagram. Next post will be of the beautiful Wong Tai Sin Temple.