A quick hello in-between finishing some more bits and pieces of my documentary photography project and staying busy at work. After coming back from my families after Lunar New Years, everything has been work and keeping busy. One thing that I've taken comfort in for the coming spring season is spring cleaning, especially my cosmetics, as it allows me room to do a little shopping. I've gotten a few emails about beauty shopping in Korea, as I am no expert in the world of beauty, I can give my two cents and advice on where you can go. For all my high end products, I always head to the local department stores for all things Estee Lauder, Lancome, and I usually buy Chanel products there. I have to venture a little further if I want to buy anything from Bobbi Brown, like Suwon or Cheonan, where I can also find Benefit Cosmetics, and Mac. You will have no problem finding all these brands in Seoul at places like Shinsegae or Lotte Mart.

Korea is known for it's beauty shops, and I know many of you have heard the names that have originated here such as Etude House, Tony Moly, or Skin Food. They never fail to deliver the most popular and sought out skin lightening products (as it is quite the obsession to have porcelain and clear skin) that attracts visitors from China, Japan, Singapore, and many of the the other surrounding countries. As you shop in the bigger cities like Seoul, you will be ushered in to these beauty shops by workers outside with baskets filled with free goodies (same products, cotton pads, discounts) and you'll see a lot of Chinese and Japanese tourists buying as much as they can before going home. You will have a great time shopping in for beauty products in Korea, and two of the brands have been a favorite of mine for years.  

Skin Food

  My go-to because of my sensitive skin. Their products are very healthy and food themed. Feeling in the mood for kiwi creams or strawberry cleansers? I really love their brushes, lipsticks, and hand creams.


Etude House

For princesses alike, you will be greeted with "Hello Princess", as you enter the sweet smelling, cute pink filled stores of Etude House. This one of the first places I have boughten Korean cosmetics at. I would not leave Korea without buying all their nail polish colors and lip sticks. They usually they amazing deals with their nail polishes, I bought about 10, and each one for 20% off and they usually cost W2,5000 = $2.30.


Any favorite Korean cosmetic brands of yours?

Good luck and happy shopping!