It's officially time to put away the sweaters, cardigans and winter boots and welcome the first taste of Spring fashion. I think my love affair of striped tees started with seeing beautiful images of Audrey Hepburn wearing them.  You have to admire the simplicity of a stripe tee and effortlessness that goes into styling one and putting one on in the morning with a pair of jeans. I can't begin to tell you how many striped tops I have, but I'm sure they will make an appearance on here and on my Instagram.

Yesterday my Father mentioned visiting Japan for a family vacation again very soon. I have no objections to this as I had planned to visit Japan to see the cherry blossoms, but due to time and work time, that plan had to take a back seat. I'm hoping to visit either with my family or on my own next month or May for a few days. I want to spend more time in Tokyo and see Kyoto for the first time. Last time I visited with my parents we didn't see or do as much as we wanted, and I was a little disappointed at the lack of photos I was able to capture. This time will be different as I will be venturing through Japan with a new camera that I'll finally be purchasing soon and I'll be making a 'To Do in Japan list'.

If you have any recommendations of where to eat or what to do while in Tokyo and Kyoto, I would love to hear them!