Yongsan, South Korea

College has been a handful of crazy and emotional years since I gradated from high school in 2009. Through multiple major changes (Fashion Design, Business Administration, Photography, Education), tears, drunken nights, creating wonderful memories and meeting my soulmates, I can finally now say that I am a college graduate. The commencement ceremony was held at Yongsan Base yesterday, and it was a lovely time being surrounded by family, and the many others who have earned their degrees and are on their way to their dreams and many successes. The commencement ceremony was followed by a little reception and the food was delicious!

The years of college has taught me one very important lesson, and it was reiterated throughout the ceremony. It's okay to fail, but don't give up. Failing is hard, and no one likes to fail, but it just shows that you are trying your best no matter how difficult the situation is, and it teaches you your mistakes so you know what to do next time. There were countless moments I gave up and didn't want to continue with my degree and I accepted failure. I couldn't stay down for long and I got right back up and continued on my way because life is not going to be easy, but by giving in to something creates the habit of giving in to everything. I hope you guys stay strong and never give up on your dreams. The best parts of life will teach you lessons, good and bad.  


Seoul is my Soul

Itaewon, South Korea  

After the reception, my brother and I decided to explore Itaewon, one of our favorite areas of Seoul. Itaewon is the melting pot of South Korea, and you will find all walks of life, nationalities, restaurants, and cultures nestled between the streets, alleys hill and corners of this colorful place.

We spent about three hours walking through Itaewon and ventured to parts we never went to before. I visited my first mosque and I fell so in love with the beautiful colored tiled designs and calming effect it had. The area surrounding the mosque was filled with street vendors selling handmade items, gently used clothes, and delicious assortment of foods. We passed by vendors selling homemade jams (we bought blueberry and green tea), strawberry fondue, macarons and many other delicious dishes of snacks and finger food.

One of my favorite things to do while in Itaewon is visit the many international food markets. You can spend a long time there looking at all the teas, snacks from different countries and food items you can't get everyday. We bought coconut water and afterwards went to eat at this Indian (with a hint of local food) restaurant with a buffet. We ended the eventful day with a little shopping and finally headed home.