After finally getting Netflix, I immediately went to the Documentaries tab and after a few films I came across 'Finding Home'. Get ready to be educated, in tears, in anger, inspired, and maybe this film will inspire you to do something.
Maybe anti-human trafficking will be your calling.

"You can't stop fighting for these girls - their worth it."

I think this was one of the most compelling human trafficking documentaries I have watched because of how raw it was. It went behind the scenes of these individuals working and helping and get to see what they do in great explanation and detail. The stories of these survivors have to be heard by everyone because it's real and it's happening right now, everyday, in your country, and maybe in your neighborhood. While I have not been able to do so much in person help in the fight against human trafficking in Korea, I will find more ways to help when I move to the U.S. It's been something I have been passionate about for many years along with global issues in general, and I have tried to talk to many people who have been interested in hearing about it. I hope that by bringing awareness to the subject it guided them to tell others and maybe even inspired them to join those who are fighting against it. It's surprising that many people don't believe or didn't know that human trafficking is real. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to simply hear about the facts and be educated.

I really hope you watch the documentary and if you don't have a cause you are passionate about, hopefully you find one. Whether it's animal rights, political, environmental, or even ending poverty, there's something worth fighting for.